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SHAG rug

13 Feb

I actually had THREE sketches to post related to this, but my scanner is being a WANKER so I guess we’re stuck with just ONE.

This is for fashion class and the assignment was to do a sketch inspired by a movie (we had a list of about five to choose from, I did “Barbarella”) and include an outfit or accessory from reference (catsuit).

Here, a mod sixties-ish character is supposed to be rolling around all over a fur rug/blanket/whatever since there was a lot of FUR in “Barbarella.” Her entire spaceship is wall-to-wall fur covering…man, the late 60’s: wtf. Amirite?



10 Jan

Fashiony flapper girl and, uh, angel girl? I don’t even know what I’m drawing sometimes.



20 Sep

For silkscreen class, we were asked to throw together a quick photocopy mini-comic to better understand the basic concepts of pagination and bookbinding. [Disclaimer: The class is mostly 3rd-year illustration majors, which I think was the reason for it. Most of my fellow senior cartooning majors gave me a “wtf” look when I explained the assignment, because most — if not all — of us regularly make minicomics.]

The assignment was to just “use some old drawings, or collage.” Being overly ambitious, I embarked on a mission to do as many sketches from the popular PHAIDON books about Japanese street fashion as I could (the two I own are Fresh Fruits and Gothic & Lolita), with the intention of later turning the messy sketches into more fleshed-out, cleaned-up drawings in either pencil or ink. Alas, I never got that far, so I ended up cutting out the sketches (I did, remarkably, get through a good 30 sketches over about an hour and a half), which were on crappy newsprint, and pasting them onto regular copy paper.

It looked a little blah that way, so I asked professorboyfriend (I was at his apartment) if he had any newspapers I could cut up. Luckily, Professorboyfriend is old, so he reads a lot of papers. He gave me three copies of the Village Voice and, lo and behold, when I went to flip through them, they fell open right at the adult classifieds.

Pure. Gold.

I then embarked on a second mission, a crazy midnight cut-and-paste session using dirty phrases out of the back of the Voice in order to make this little rag comic as totally ridiculous as possible. Mission accomplished, I am pleased to present my greatest masterpiece to date: スパーセクシー

(“Super Sexy”, which must be pronounced “SUPAA SEKUSHIII”, in a high-pitched squeal, in the event you refer to the book verbally, just fyi)