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Charles & Renfield Minicomic – 5 Days Left

31 Jul

Oh shit. 5 days?! It’s getting scary now.

Today was all about Page Eight, in which Renfield is introduced.

Rough sketch for page 8

I actually did an uncharacteristically large amount of the pencils on the vellum. Usually I pencil a very tight draft on printer paper before moving to vellum, but this time was different. It got messy. :/

Page 8 is DONE!

Page eight, I am pleased with you. You have a lot of shiny things going on with you, and I like shiny. Page eight has some nods to stuff that inspired this book, or maybe, to put it more accurately, the whole vampire universe these two live in. Renfield’s reading the original Bram Stoker Dracula and there’s the moth in a jar and the spider above him to suggest he eats bugs, or at the very least is obsessed with them, just like his namesake. And then the newspaper on the floor is named Fuck It after the Ashley Wood book of the same name that I picked up recently. No denying that Ashley Wood has been a big inspiration for me while doing this particular minicomic.

Skinny boys.

And, in less exciting news, the back cover is also finally finished!

Plowing ahead! By the way, for those of you in the NYC area, Pete’s Candy Store here in Brooklyn is having a “mini zine fest” tomorrow (actually, today as it’s past midnight) which I’ll probably be stopping by. It looks like it’ll be a good opportunity to swap some minicomics without all the madness and hype of a real con. *thumbsup*

More soon?

self-imposed deadline in 5 days. oh no oh no oh no oh yes!


Charles & Renfield Minicomic – 9 Days Left

28 Jul

Today was moderately productive, helped along by work I did last night.

Last night I was a champion and finally did a sketch I was happy with for Page Three, in which it is revealed that Charlemagne is no longer among the living. (Just in case you hadn’t figured that part out yet.) I had done so many other sketches for that page I thought it would never work out! :/

this is what a page looks like half-inked!

I started inking it today. I was hesitant to proceed onto the background because it’s still sort of vague and the weird bendy perspective isn’t helping. I originally had him reading Sherlock Holmes, but I’m starting to think it might be funnier to have him reading something else, like the IKEA catalog.

Page Two is donedonedone!

And then I completely inked Page Two. It’s not perfect but the minicomic is going to be 3.5″ x 5″ so I think that’ll smooth over a lot of problems…. For these pages, I started with rapidograph but then went over the lines again with nib. *thumbsup*

I want to keep working but the deadline for my script for Mystery Project X (a.k.a. as “the murder story comic”) is actually BEFORE this deadline so I gotta devote some time to that tonight.

self-imposed deadline 9 days. nine sounds like so many, until they hit you in the face. lol.

Charles & Renfield Minicomic – 10 Days Left

26 Jul

Hey kittens,

So I’m starting this blog, which is kind of awkward because EVERYONE has a blog and I feel like I’m jumping on the bandwagon about five years too late. That’s okay tho. Tbh, the reason for the blog is because I’m working on so much in-progress stuff right now, and I wanna show it, but I don’t really have a good outlet for that. DeviantART shuffles it into scraps, Facebook resizes my images, and I hate tinkering with my website…plus I’d like to chronologically document my struggle to finish anything ever, because watching me flounder helplessly in the face of deadlines is always comical.

So anyway, when professorboyfriend told me we were going to P.A.C.C., I was like, “…maybe I should draw a new little minicomic thing for this show.” So I recently (after quitting my job) have undertaken a very small, black-and-white, probably 12 – 16 page minicomic that’s storybook style (i.e. less multiple panels per page, more like illustrations with captions). It’s about creepy undead superstars Charlemagne and Renfield, basically telling some little facts about them and what their deal is. Because I want to do more with these two characters, but I’m not sure what exactly yet. So I thought I would just put the characters out there for now and see how they’re received.

Anyway, you don’t really care about that. You just want to see boys making out. It’s ok, I understand.

Brownie points if you can guess which gay-as-shit summer blockbuster they're watching. (hint: it's out now)

So my favorite page so far is this one [above], which of course means I’m going to butcher it tragically when I go to ink it. The character on the left is Hayden, who is basically Charlemagne’s second-in-command after Renfield.

Finished(?) Inks for Page One

The only thing I’ve finished* inking so far is page one, which is just the two of them (background intentionally white). I say “finished*” because, while I love my skinny skinny needle-thin rapidographs oh-so-much, I’m disappointed to find they scan badly — something about the way they dig into the page makes the glaring light of the scanner reflect badly off the lineart, and betrays all the tiny thin lines I drew over and over to make thick lines. Hmm. So I may go over this again, quickly, with a nib. Also, Charles’ leg is lumpy in a weird way and it’s bothering me.

Pencils for the back cover

The back cover will be a reflection on page one, despite the fact that page one is inside the book. I think. I’m not sure. I’m toying with cover ideas and if I get pressed for time – and who am I kidding, I’m ALWAYS pressed for time – then page one may magically become the cover.

I’m sorry, that was entirely TMI. You don’t want a novel, you just want sexy pictures. Okay. I’ll go draw some more.


self-imposed deadline in 10 days. leee-eee-eeeave mee-eee-eee a c-c-c-comment pleee-eee-eeease! thnx.