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6 Jan

A sketch of the flytrap princess, Dionaea.


For Princess Peach

5 Jan

I drew this one for Miss Catherine Peach who does a really girly, sparkly, psychedelic comic called “Pussy Fuzz” about crime-fighting catgirls. Catherine also makes awesome little unicorn compilation comics called the “Unicronomicon(s)” (they come with candy!) and peddles her wares out of a concession box at conventions by going table-to-table in a policelady outfit, which is something I will never have the balls to do. (I usually spend conventions hiding under the tableskirt in a fit of social anxiety while my lookalikes do the real work.) You can check out Catherine’s superpeachy art here:

Oh, and since this is supposedly the Works-in-Progress blog, here is the undersketch (drawn on the computer) for this picture. This was all done in oC.

This was part of the Kiki-Draws-Some-Shit series but it came out too pretty to leave the “Kiki Draws Some Shit” part on top. Look at how much I’m drawing now that I’ve been away from SVA for a week! Seriously, get me out of school, it’s crushing my soul….

[eta: oops I called it “peach fuzz” the first time, totally meant “pussy fuzz” LOL]


5 Jan

I keep telling Robin (a.k.a. Professorboyfriend) that I want to draw this scene from “Life of Vice” with proper proportion and perspective an’ shit. Someday I may make good on that offer….

You can check out Robin’s website here.


5 Jan

Trying to be better about, you know, actually drawing shit.

Both of these done in oC with my BIG TABLET~~ which is kind of wasted on me because I have poor tablet-hand-eye-coordination. :/