SHAG rug

13 Feb

I actually had THREE sketches to post related to this, but my scanner is being a WANKER so I guess we’re stuck with just ONE.

This is for fashion class and the assignment was to do a sketch inspired by a movie (we had a list of about five to choose from, I did “Barbarella”) and include an outfit or accessory from reference (catsuit).

Here, a mod sixties-ish character is supposed to be rolling around all over a fur rug/blanket/whatever since there was a lot of FUR in “Barbarella.” Her entire spaceship is wall-to-wall fur covering…man, the late 60’s: wtf. Amirite?


One Response to “SHAG rug”

  1. Gemma February 19, 2011 at 10:41 PM #

    Barbarella is one of the most fantastic movies ever, in that whole ‘so horrible that it’s awesome’ sort of way. Love the sketch, and I dig the cat suit.

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