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20 Sep

For silkscreen class, we were asked to throw together a quick photocopy mini-comic to better understand the basic concepts of pagination and bookbinding. [Disclaimer: The class is mostly 3rd-year illustration majors, which I think was the reason for it. Most of my fellow senior cartooning majors gave me a “wtf” look when I explained the assignment, because most — if not all — of us regularly make minicomics.]

The assignment was to just “use some old drawings, or collage.” Being overly ambitious, I embarked on a mission to do as many sketches from the popular PHAIDON books about Japanese street fashion as I could (the two I own are Fresh Fruits and Gothic & Lolita), with the intention of later turning the messy sketches into more fleshed-out, cleaned-up drawings in either pencil or ink. Alas, I never got that far, so I ended up cutting out the sketches (I did, remarkably, get through a good 30 sketches over about an hour and a half), which were on crappy newsprint, and pasting them onto regular copy paper.

It looked a little blah that way, so I asked professorboyfriend (I was at his apartment) if he had any newspapers I could cut up. Luckily, Professorboyfriend is old, so he reads a lot of papers. He gave me three copies of the Village Voice and, lo and behold, when I went to flip through them, they fell open right at the adult classifieds.

Pure. Gold.

I then embarked on a second mission, a crazy midnight cut-and-paste session using dirty phrases out of the back of the Voice in order to make this little rag comic as totally ridiculous as possible. Mission accomplished, I am pleased to present my greatest masterpiece to date: スパーセクシー

(“Super Sexy”, which must be pronounced “SUPAA SEKUSHIII”, in a high-pitched squeal, in the event you refer to the book verbally, just fyi)



Marketing Genius Paris Hilton Strikes Again!

18 Sep

Hello friends! We’re back in action.

One of the first assignments of the school year was to do a caricature of a celebrity recently in the news. At first I was distraught, because I have never had any skill at caricatures. But then I remembered seeing Paris Hilton’s recent cocaine bust and was totally excited.

The first sketches I did weren't really all there. On the left, I tried drawing her with her better-known short haircut and headband, but it seemed weird because she has long hair in all the photos related to the bust. On the right, her nose is too huge. Paris has a weird nose, but it's not really a big nose.

My deep, dark, not-so-secret secret is that I love Paris, especially after spending all summer watching pirated reruns of her reality show. Which by the way is possibly The Best Trashy Reality Show on TV. How can you not love a solid hour of bitchy girls and gay boys with fake tans, hair extensions and designer clothes, all frantically, earnestly catfighting over who is a more “real” friend to Paris Hilton. I love how they constantly thank her “for the wonderful opportunity.” It’s unclear exactly what this opportunity is (the show offers no tangible winner’s prize the way that Project Runway offers cash and a mentorship), aside from getting to spend your every waking hour tanning by the pool at Paris’ Beverly Hills “dollhouse.” I’m telling you, this shit is gold.

So anyway, Paris recently got busted for having a baggie of cocaine in her* purse. According to the Daily News, her boyfriend got arrested for driving while stoned, and while waiting for him to be released in the police station, Paris “reached for some lipgloss” and a baggie of white powder fell out of her purse. What’s great about this is that Paris has been claiming that the purse is “not hers” and that she “thought the cocaine was gum.” Dude. Brilliant. So fucking brilliant.

This was the pencil sketch that I went with. The nose finally seemed to work out. I went with that traditional bridge-of-the-nose-connecting-to-eyebrow gimmick that is so frequently seen in caricature. I think what finally clinched it here, however, is the eyes. I got the placement of the pupils to suggest a perky yet totally vapid personality.

My caricature of Paris is of her holding a pack of “Paris Gum” which now comes in “Convenient Powder Variety!” Seriously guys, I’m pretty sure this whole thing was one big publicity stunt so Paris can launch her own line of designer chewing gum. God knows there’s a demand.

The final piece actually came out fairly recognizable, or so I'd like to think. I finessed the nose, eyes, lineart, etc. It's based off the press photo for Paris Hilton shoes or something.

Love you, bitches. <3