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31 Aug

I finished dis shit today, and “shit” is the word I want.

Maybe I’ll redo it in ink. I suck at paint. :/ I like his face and hair, but the rest of it is like total Photoshop Amateur Hour. Awkward.

In other news, my name is in the LA Times! Just my name…in the book review section (there’s an interview with John Reed, author of Tales of Woe)…but I am tickled to see my name there. Ha ha ha.

28 Aug

I’ve been working on this for most of the day:

He's holding an ~*invisible*~ backpack, not giving the thumbs-up. In case you were wondering.

It should be noted that I have no idea what I’m doing. I really suck at digital painting — actually, I suck at anything that’s not cel-shading, so I suck at real painting too. Painting fabric really daunts me (as you can see). This isn’t “for” anything, I’m just procrastinating. :/ His glasses are crooked and unrealistic. They will be repainted.

Anyway, I’m going to go get an espresso and hope this thing is sitting on my screen, magically finished when I get back.


Here we are at approx. the 6-hour mark:

Now with visible backpack and ~*invisible*~ eyeglasses. :0

The idea here is to do the thing in greyscale first and then go back with color. I was hoping to finish this tonight, but I guess it’s not in the cards. :/ Balls.

Some Doodles of Marginal Importance

26 Aug

So I was recently trapped on an island, literally, when a Noreaster blew up and left me stranded with my mother on Martha’s Vineyard in Cape Cod. What was already an awkward, not-so-fun “family vacation” ended in 48 hours of hell — being cold, wet, and stuck sleeping in an elementary school gymnasium that the Red Cross set up as an “emergency disaster shelter.” It was nuts, like really nuts. It’ll make a funny story someday, but right now I’m none too eager to revisit it in detail, so let’s move on.

I brought my sketchbooks along with me on “vacation” but (as expected) was woefully unproductive. Around Day 4 I doodled myself. No need to tell me my legs aren’t toothpick-skinny; I know they aren’t. :/

I also transplanted my hairstyle onto a random face with neon-green cat-eye glasses, for fun. I bought a box of Crayons while up in Cape Cod, having gone through a brief phase of being really enthusiastic about crayons during my senior year of highschool. They are very easy to carry around with you, which is cool, although otherwise are probably not so useful….

Finally back in Brooklyn, I’m sending out an Etsy order tomorrow which includes the Moleskine. Did you know, that when you order my Moleskine minicomic off Etsy, I do a little drawing in the back, where there are two blank pages? True story, I do. I should have done it like that at conventions, too, but let’s face it — at MoCCA I was pretty much incapacitated. Next year….

And lastly, the only sketch really worth making a post about, is a quick and dirty sketch I started, and have yet to finish, for the story I like to allude to as “The Murder Story” or “Mystery Project X,” which is in fact tentatively titled “Bodysnatcher” (yes, Radiohead reference) in my head.

I’ve actually been focusing mainly on this lately (reason: I totally blew my second deadline with the script), which explains the lack of Charles and Renfield updates. But I want to get back to that damn comic. Just as soon as I rewrite the painfully long and complicated murder story which will never fit into the planned thirty pages I originally wanted to get it done in. :/ Balls.

More soon?? Maybe!

Na Naa NaNaNaNaa, Katamari Damashiiiiiiiii~

10 Aug

So, I had to temporarily kick Charles & Renfield to the curb (sorry boys) to get this done instead.

This is a katamari (i.e., Katamari Damacy, or, We <3 Katamari) poster for an exhibit at Floating World Comics in Portland, Oregon. I basically crashed this exhibit after hearing professorboyfriend mention it and being “OMG I WANNA BE IN IT I WANNA BE IIIIIN IT.” Mature of me, I know.

(If you’ve never heard of Katamari before, a) you must be living under a rock, and b) you should watch this video here to get an idea of how spectacular this game is. basically you’re a little alien(?) creature(?) person(?) and you have this ball called the katamari, and you roll it around and stuff sticks to it, and your goal is to roll up as much stuff as possible, so you have a really biiig katamari.)

So anyway, my favorite level in We <3 Katamari is actually the sweets level, so I decided to stick with that and draw a sweets katamari. I went with strawberry cousin Ichigo as the character, although cousin Honey is the one you actually get in the sweets level — but I figured Ichigo was more readily recognizable.

This is the rough draft. I used lots of different colored pencils so I could have overlapping lineart without getting confused.

Drawing the katamari was initially a little daunting. I wasn’t sure if I should go with realistic depictions of sweets or if I should copy the videogame versions directly. I decided to bring up the “collection” section of the game and look at the “snacks” sections for ideas. What ended up happening was that I noticed the katamari versions were all based on a very geometric shape, so I kept that for many of the sweets but also improvised some non-geometric sweets and added things like drippy icing and chocolate.

I gave Ichigo the Giraffe Hat because it’s my favorite Royal Present in the game. :3

King Cosmos got moved around a bit. I initially had him doing some kind of leap over the sky but it looked weird. Then I tried him up close in the upper-right-hand corner but drawing him at giant-size seemed to detract from the katamari. So he ended up sipping some tea in the upper-left.

The final version, scanned on one of SVA's 11 x 17 scanners and colored in PS.

A few things I would have liked to have changed; I would have liked to have added some cel-shading here, and possibly something (planets in the universe? the katamari logo?) in the upper-right, but I was sooo pressed for time (this was done over two days, maybe 15 hours tops) that I just barely slid in under the deadline.

Anyway, Floating World Comics has said they’ll put the poster in the exhibit, so hurraaaay!

I’ll try to be back at my vampire boys soon. <3 I’d like to get that book done sooooon. But I also don’t want to rush it.

Charles and Renfield Comic – 1 DAY LEFT OSHI–

3 Aug

So I am not only attempting to finish this comic in time to print for this weekend, but also trying to find a job, so that’s really messing with my time. :/ Oh well. Today I finally finished the movie theater page!

As mentioned on deviantART, I’m doing a bit of a tribute to Interview With a Vampire by having them all in a movie theater. I’m not a huge fan of Anne Rice, but I will take her over Stephenie Meyer any day of the week.

That’s also a bit of a tribute to “Mystery Science Theater” on the second panel. I wish MST would do a Twilight version. Lololololol.

Furthermore, I am convinced the guy over Hayden’s shoulder (Hayden is on the left) is David Bowie. Not intentionally, he just turned into David Bowie when I inked him.

I worked on page 7 today and it’s mostly inked, but I didn’t scan it…SORRY. :C

Undoubtedly, this will not be finished tomorrow; but maybe if I bust my ass I can save this baby and have it to a photocopier by Friday, then frantically cut and staple copies at the hotel in Philly. MAYBE….

But if not I’d still like to finish it post-con and make copies. I like this little comic. I’m enjoying it. Durrr.