An Envoy from the Undead

11 Mar

Oh MAN this took forever. D:

I watched “Interview with the Vampire” and “Daybreakers” while inking this, which miiight be why it took forever. “Interview with the Vampire”, which I have seen once before, was AWESOME. “Daybreakers” scared the shit out of me and I am pretty sure I’m gonna have nightmares real bad tonight.

In my vampire universe, the vampires on Charlemagne’s side liaison with the church for supplies of holy water, which they need to fight other, eviler vampires. Renfield is dressed incognito here, in a softer combo of black cap, hoodie and bandanna. He has a little rucksack to carry the holy water back.

This page is basically done except it needs toning and caption-ing. Not totally sure how the book is gonna be laid out just yet, but I’ll figure it out….


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