6 Mar

So, I’m doing the tumblr thing now, mainly because this blog is really lonely and I want to make some friends, and WordPress doesn’t let you make friends. So, for now the plan is to have the two blogs run simultaneously (posting the same content), and if I want to at some point I will phase one out or, I don’t know, find a better use for it. If I can figure out how to RSS one to the other (without weird loss of formatting and shit), that would be rad but it’s looking…unlikely.

Anyway, some Charles and Renfield for you all!*

(*the three of you reading this)

I drew this a whiiile ago but only started inking it a few nights ago at a drawing party at one of professorboyfriend’s friends’ apartments. I forgot a ruler, and, thus, freehand-inked all those lines, which may have been a mistake. Still haven’t really worked out the ground…I suck.

I’m pretty embarrassed about this one because, he’s supposed to be in a confessional, but, being raised a heathen, I’ve never been inside a confessional, and, while I DID attempt to research it online, there aren’t really many photos of the inside of confessionals (that MySpace trend hasn’t really caught on yet…surprisingly), so, I kind of gave it a much fancier window than I think a confessional would ever have and, I should probably erase that candle but the corner felt empty…ummm…yeah, so, I will…attempt to fix that…… :/


One Response to “Heathens”

  1. gracie may October 20, 2011 at 9:10 AM #

    I thought it was the inside of a confessional. So good job :D

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