13 Jan

Back over the summer I was dicking around on devianTART and found the profile of a girl who had a bunch of cute, creative emo and scene kid characters. And I was like “oooh I want to draw this one” and then I did some sketches and then…I forgot. For about six months. Until I was recently doing the Kiki-Draws-Some-Shit series and remembered. But by that time, I had completely forgotten whose profile I had been looking at way back over the summer, so I had to post a journal in TARTland to find her. But luckily she commented and I was able to finish it! (Well, finish some lineart, at least.) Yay!

The character is named River and he belongs to Kira Keys. Raaaadddd. River has like blue hair streaks and stuff but they got kinda axed seeing as how this is black and white and all. :/


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