Bachelorelle Title Page

21 Dec


I am so happy, I am like a very uncharacteristic little ray of sunshine….

Ok so for silkscreen, we were supposed to hand in our finished book but mine is nowhere near what I consider to be “finished”…so I was like, “ehhhhh, maybe I’ll draw a makeshift cover real fast.” And luckily it was one of those beautiful days where you sketch something in ten minutes and it’s totally usable. *thumbsup* So I printed this in a hurry, and at first it was just going to be a print for the version I’m handing in to get graded, but then I realized it would make a fine title page (like, within the real cover)…yes, a fine title page indeed.

I also took the time to scan the Searat Postcards (are you sick of seeing these yet? I am) on the large format scanner at school.

I tried to scan the eight-color paper doll from the Bachelorelle book but it wouldn’t fit in the school scanner, so I gave up. I guess some things are best left as a nice, exclusive surprise for the people buying the physical book….

Also I saw the Triplets of Belleville tonight and it BLEW MY FUCKING MIND D:


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