Hot Babes and Gooey Messes

19 Dec

TONGUES HAVE BEEN WAGGING over Simora K.’s recent choice in beau. The Martian softcore porn starlet has been spotted all over town knee-deep in a blue blob monster known as “Glurpb.” Glurpb, with whom she recently filmed a short softcore scene, is a thousand-eyed Blopud from the neighboring moon of Phobos. Sources close to Simora have confirmed that her relationship with Glurpb started out on-camera, but rapidly blossomed into something more.

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” an agitated Simora told MARZ✩STARZ reporters on Tuesday, as they waylaid her between errands, Glurpb in tow. “So what if we’re not a conventional couple. We both have needs, and we fulfill those needs for each other. If you don’t like it then you can just f— off.” [While present, Glurpb was unavailable for comment, as the Blopud species is unable to articulate sounds beyond gurgling and plopping.]

Interested voyeurs will be able to see Simora and Glurpb’s now infamous scene together next month, as part of the forthcoming adult-entertainment release, “Buxom Babes and Gooey Messes.”


Order in Which This Piece Came into Being:

  1. “What do I feel like drawing today? Well, let’s do the old standby: A hot, topless chick with an unrealistically perky rack.”
  2. “This needs something. She needs to be enmeshed in a giant, sticky, gooey blue blob monster with a lot of eyeballs staring up her bloomers.”
  3. “Well, shit, people are going to think I’m really fucked up for drawing blob-monster porn. Guess I better make up a story to explain myself.”

Fun fact: Blopud = Blob + Puddle.



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