Old Shitty Thesis Sees the Light of the Internet

15 Dec

I recently had to apply for a scholarship and send samples of recent sequential work so I dredged up the ol’ THESIS from last year.

I couldn’t be arsed to find the originals, and in fact even if I could they’re too big to fit in my scanner, so I scanned copies of the minicomic. Heh. Way to go the extra mile, Kiki.

Looking at this again I realize just how very disconnected I felt from this piece. And still do. I had no interest in these characters, this plot…I mean god, look at it, I was more interested in drawing baroque-style furniture than making my characters “act” convincingly. Which isn’t to say that I didn’t get some kick out of drawing it, but in large part I was completely emotionally UN-invested in this piece and that’s probably why it failed so miserably.

However, it is some insanely detailed draftsmanship, so something good came out of it.


[eta, 12/16/10: so many typos…what gives??]


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