28 Aug

I’ve been working on this for most of the day:

He's holding an ~*invisible*~ backpack, not giving the thumbs-up. In case you were wondering.

It should be noted that I have no idea what I’m doing. I really suck at digital painting — actually, I suck at anything that’s not cel-shading, so I suck at real painting too. Painting fabric really daunts me (as you can see). This isn’t “for” anything, I’m just procrastinating. :/ His glasses are crooked and unrealistic. They will be repainted.

Anyway, I’m going to go get an espresso and hope this thing is sitting on my screen, magically finished when I get back.


Here we are at approx. the 6-hour mark:

Now with visible backpack and ~*invisible*~ eyeglasses. :0

The idea here is to do the thing in greyscale first and then go back with color. I was hoping to finish this tonight, but I guess it’s not in the cards. :/ Balls.


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