Some Doodles of Marginal Importance

26 Aug

So I was recently trapped on an island, literally, when a Noreaster blew up and left me stranded with my mother on Martha’s Vineyard in Cape Cod. What was already an awkward, not-so-fun “family vacation” ended in 48 hours of hell — being cold, wet, and stuck sleeping in an elementary school gymnasium that the Red Cross set up as an “emergency disaster shelter.” It was nuts, like really nuts. It’ll make a funny story someday, but right now I’m none too eager to revisit it in detail, so let’s move on.

I brought my sketchbooks along with me on “vacation” but (as expected) was woefully unproductive. Around Day 4 I doodled myself. No need to tell me my legs aren’t toothpick-skinny; I know they aren’t. :/

I also transplanted my hairstyle onto a random face with neon-green cat-eye glasses, for fun. I bought a box of Crayons while up in Cape Cod, having gone through a brief phase of being really enthusiastic about crayons during my senior year of highschool. They are very easy to carry around with you, which is cool, although otherwise are probably not so useful….

Finally back in Brooklyn, I’m sending out an Etsy order tomorrow which includes the Moleskine. Did you know, that when you order my Moleskine minicomic off Etsy, I do a little drawing in the back, where there are two blank pages? True story, I do. I should have done it like that at conventions, too, but let’s face it — at MoCCA I was pretty much incapacitated. Next year….

And lastly, the only sketch really worth making a post about, is a quick and dirty sketch I started, and have yet to finish, for the story I like to allude to as “The Murder Story” or “Mystery Project X,” which is in fact tentatively titled “Bodysnatcher” (yes, Radiohead reference) in my head.

I’ve actually been focusing mainly on this lately (reason: I totally blew my second deadline with the script), which explains the lack of Charles and Renfield updates. But I want to get back to that damn comic. Just as soon as I rewrite the painfully long and complicated murder story which will never fit into the planned thirty pages I originally wanted to get it done in. :/ Balls.

More soon?? Maybe!


One Response to “Some Doodles of Marginal Importance”

  1. Anonymous November 28, 2011 at 12:48 PM #

    that crayon one with all the colors is super fantastic.

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