Charles & Renfield Minicomic – 9 Days Left

28 Jul

Today was moderately productive, helped along by work I did last night.

Last night I was a champion and finally did a sketch I was happy with for Page Three, in which it is revealed that Charlemagne is no longer among the living. (Just in case you hadn’t figured that part out yet.) I had done so many other sketches for that page I thought it would never work out! :/

this is what a page looks like half-inked!

I started inking it today. I was hesitant to proceed onto the background because it’s still sort of vague and the weird bendy perspective isn’t helping. I originally had him reading Sherlock Holmes, but I’m starting to think it might be funnier to have him reading something else, like the IKEA catalog.

Page Two is donedonedone!

And then I completely inked Page Two. It’s not perfect but the minicomic is going to be 3.5″ x 5″ so I think that’ll smooth over a lot of problems…. For these pages, I started with rapidograph but then went over the lines again with nib. *thumbsup*

I want to keep working but the deadline for my script for Mystery Project X (a.k.a. as “the murder story comic”) is actually BEFORE this deadline so I gotta devote some time to that tonight.

self-imposed deadline 9 days. nine sounds like so many, until they hit you in the face. lol.


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