4 Jul

This blog is dead, or at least dead-ish, because I have been posting on tumblr lately!

I still haven’t decided which of these is superior, tho…the wordpress blog or the tumblr……….



1 May

This is the, like, titlepagething for my portfolio or whatever. Made of cut paper. A last-ditch effort to make it look…better…. lololol

Good News Bad News Time

15 Apr

Great in theory, only sometimes good in practice….

coffin makeout

29 Mar

Vampire boys cuddling in their coffin, SERIOUSLY, WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?

[well, maybe a grey tone in there somewhere]



29 Mar

this book was supposed to be finished a week ago AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

pictures that didn’t make the montage

21 Mar

Deja Voodoo

18 Mar

The still-untitled mystery project. This is rapidograph…normally I don’t like montages, but somehow this one was okay.